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''Massive new self belief & exponential growth''

Watch how 'Super Mum' Subhi went from lacking self belief, not feeling good enough to having exponetial growth in her personal & business life and being happier on a daily basis

''Negative mindset to crazy business wins''

Watch how Jaz went from procrastinating, having a negative mindset and poor time management to a better quality of life, more time with family, knowing his value and having crazy wins across his businesses 

''Low confidence to accelerated results''

Watch how Marcus lacked self belief and went back and forth on his mindset to taking his life to the next level and getting accelerated results in his business and personal life

''I now believe I can achieve my goals''

Watch how Pavan went from feeling stuck, trapped, lost and feeling not good enough to having more self belief, ambitious, clarity/direction and in control of financial freedom & time

''My goal now is to positively impact 20,000 youngsters!''

Watch how Jackson struggled with self sabotage & distractions to becoming clear on creating generational wealth, gaining clarity on achieving his goals and upping his value from £60 per hour to £400 per hour!

''From self doubt to now facing my fears''

Watch how PJ struggled with self doubt, not feeling deserving of more money & feeling lost to facing her fears & having more control over money and more confidence

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''A new life, a new me''

Watch how Nik was stuck in the 9-5 rat race, struggled with self belief and taking that next step to creating a new life, having more confidence & actually launching his business whilst enjoying time with his wife and kids. 

''I'm more confident and organised now''

Watch how Harmi went from procrastinating and lacking confidence to becoming more confident & breaking through barriers

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